Global-Customer Service

After-sale Service :

complete warranty and RMA LsVision.Aligned with leading POS Repair/Maintenance partners to provide efficient, excellent and quality after sales and technical services.

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Global-Customer Service


Trained with ERP system operation. RMA procedure and technical supports between QC,delivery,and after-sale service.

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Global-Customer Service

Customer Setisfaction :

Participation in well-known international trade shows/exhibitions. Visits our clients "face to face".

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Why LS Vision software solutions?

“LS Vision company has succeeded in Amman, "the development of many software and technical support of the management of financial applications “ERP” (Enterprise resource planning ), After 2015 we are going to follow the latest technology to be oriented with all environment requirement . our development tools programming language and database (MVC , .Net using multiple language as C#, Java , WPF , and Sql Server Database. Also we use oracle database and for programming ). Another section was established at LS Vision in 2017 specialist with social media , web application , mobile application ”

Medical System (Care Vision/ Hospitals, Fertility and Genetics center).

Along with the current fast growing technology and innovation. .

POS for Restaurants (Touch Screens and Windows Tablets).

Unlock your quick service restaurants’ full potential with LS First for restaurant built on Microsoft.

ERP System (LS Vision ).

Is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real time and mediated by software and technology. .

POS for Retail (Barcode).

Select from complete solutions featuring QuickStore software and a Cash Drawer, Pole Display, Receipt Printer and Barcode Scanner..

Production cost & Accounting System.

Accounting system works based on a group of subsystems that provide full financial control including financial reports and data analysis.

This system contains seven (7) modules: ⦁ Accounting. ⦁ General Ledger. ⦁ Warehouses Management. ⦁ Sales. ⦁ Purchases. ⦁ Credits. ⦁ Debits. This System was built in Oracle (Database & Interface) which gave it high security, fast processing and made it easy to use.

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Restaurants and Retail

A new POS System built and developed in Visual Studio 2017 and SQL Server Database 2017 provided with multi features to achieve the easiest methods for using on the customer side and a high secured infrastructure for the business, This System can be deployed on Desktops, Mobiles, Tablets and on Web, with a possibility for the business owner to reach any needed data at any time of the day using the VPN Connection.

This System is deployed in over than 300 customers in Jordan. Including the Nadeem Nema Group which consider one of the most famous tourist restaurants in the country in (Aqaba, Amman and Jarash): Sample: ⦁ Floka ʹ Amman, Aqaba ⦁ Ali baba ʹ Aqaba ⦁ Farrojna ʹ Amman, Aqaba ⦁ Artimis ʹ Jarash ⦁ Bawabat Jarash ʹ Jarash ⦁ Harat Jdodna ʹ Maadaba

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Handheld Special Solutions

Handheld Special Solutions built and designed using Access Database,Oracle,SQLand Visual Studio connected the back office with the frontline in a 5 Floors Hypermarket and integrated the Hardware.

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HR & Payroll Systems

Achieving administrative and financial control of human resources and provide a wide range of reports that abbreviate a lot of time and efforts, The HR system is designed to control unlimited number of employees and according to the daily procedures as check in/out, lunch breaks and overtime.

This system contains four (4) main models: ⦁ HR Management and Employees rating. ⦁ Payroll. ⦁ Time Attendance. ⦁ Health Assurance.

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LS vision Expertise

• LS Vision has fully integrated team of distinguished individuals from all disciplines.provide technical support group of engineers with long experience in this field using the latest technologies and software's such as design and developed mobile application,web sites, E-commerce.

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