Company Profile:

Company was established in Amman as FlatNet company 2004, And later At 2018 becomes LS Vision after agreement with International Company LS Retail in Scotland , and expanding our business and our expertise to the main partner for LS Retail in Jordan , Iraq, Syria , Libya and Qatar

Another section was established at LS Vision in 2017 specialist with social media , web application , mobile application


LS Vision was founded on the basis of a qualified support staff who helped in achieving development of ls vision , and which we consider was one of the most important basic in the development of information and communication technology of LS Vision

Since the Start point of LS Vision, we had to extend the work on the basis of a set of values : respect, trust, team spirit, time management, sense of humor, honesty, reliability, flexibility, ambition, motivation and efficiency. The reputation and history of ls vision growth by the unique methods that we used to improve our Solutions and the dedication of our work in creating opportunities for those who are committed to success. .

Our Tip to LS Vision applicants is , "If you think you're qualified to join the our team, send your curriculum vitae that makes your dreams come true."

Message from the CEO

LS Vision was always one of the contributors in achieving several concepts of information technology and consultations in the Technology field in Jordan, also to link technology needs and requirements of our customers so that they contribute in achieving our goals.

Our success is linked to the effective management of the company in addition to the ongoing efforts and dedication to work in LS Vision team.

Our Vision is the commitment to excellence, which enabled LS Vision to get a distinction during a short period facing great challenges.

Our mission

LS Vision mission is providing our customers with solutions that enable them to transform ideas into effective actions and to provide better opportunities in their work fields and contribute in the development of their works.

To achieve this mission, we always recommend our customers to maintain high service quality.

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In fact, we offer more than software solutions:

LS Vision provides following systems : web sites, mobile application , special solutions ,accounting, purchases, checks management, stores, HR, salary systems, point-of-sale system, particularly petrol stations, regulations on companies exporters of vegetables, a special regime for agricultural companies to examine the seeds served as LS Vision, both of public and private sectors in the Middle East, trying to build a successful relationship between them and the customer interface and to be partners of the company and serves the interests of society and the development of work systems in the market

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